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Finger Cots


We produce a wide range of natural latex finger cots for electronic component and food handling uses as well as for non-medical use. For these specific purpose, our finger cots are formulated and specially produced to minimize the protein and irritant contents as per our quality system and US FDA 21 Code of Federal Regulation.

In addition, we perform physical properties, bioburden, and protein analysis tests to ensure our commitment to the safety of our end-users.

- Ordinary finger cots are suitable for utility, industrial, or general purpose such as food handling
- For non-medical use


- Anti –static finger cots prevent discharge of static electricity which makes them appropriate for electronic component handling purposes
- For non-medical use

- Cornstarch powder residue is removed by a chlorinating process, which provides a perfect solution for cleanroom use in high and electronic industries.
- For non-medical use

Product Information
• Natural Rubber Latex Finger Cot
• Rolled or Unrolled
• Non- sterilized

Product Types
• Natural ordinary (powdered)
• Anti-static
• Chlorinated ( powder free)

• Small
• Medium
• Large
• Extra large

• Protex
• OEM available

Product Specification
• Length: 67 ± 2mm (for all sizes)
• Width: 24mm(small), 28mm (medium), 30mm (large) and 34mm ( extra large)
• Thickness: 0.1 ± 0.02mm ( for all sizes)
• Weight: 0.33 gm (small), 0.38gm (medium), 0.42gm (large), and 0.46gm (extra large)
• Tensile Strength: Min. 20 MPa
• Elongation at Break: Min.600%
• Anti- static Force: 10 ohms/m2
• Decay Rate: Not access with 2 seconds
• Natural Rubber Latex: Complies to US FDA 21 Code of Federal Regulation

Standard Compliance
• ASTIM D 3772

Regulation Compliance
• CE Directive 93/42 EEC Annex
• ISO 9001:2008
• SIRIM of Malaysia

Test Requirements
• Dimension
• Tensile Strength
• Bioburden Test
• Analysis of Protein

Packaging Description
• One-gross polybag
• Ten–gross polybag
• 1,000–piece polybag
• 50, 100 or 250 gross in each carton
• Carton Box: Double-wall export carton
• Labels: standard shipping marks with CE/US FDA/OEM labeling requirements




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